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Friday, October 12, 2012

Cheese Please!

A dear  English friend visited us in Paris this past weekend. Wise and wordily she appreciates the things we desperately miss in France. Cheddar and other fine British cheeses and good English tea! she brought  Cheese , tea and fabulous spelt bread. These are impossible to find gustatory delights. 

The French still believe they are the epi-center of culinary excellence.  
This is absolutely NOT TRUE any more.

Alas the French are still very imperious. deluded but none the less imperious.

If you tell a French person that Britain has fabulous traditional cheeses in many regional varieties they will look at you askance,  raise a Gallic eyebrow sardonically, and say 
Ah Bon? code you you're an idiot, I do not believe a word you say, and you could very possibly be insane.

English  cheese, and French Muscat grapes from Ventoux,
Fruit and vegetables  are still  very good here.  
The restaurant fare is stayed,  and if there is the rare great place usually it is so overpriced that is unaffordable.    Also if they do try some thing new it it often totally pretentious.

 Caveat lector
In all fairness after a desperate 15 year search, I do know only a few, very rare and  good affordable places in Paris, but that is need to know only (Here) 

English cuisine is becoming very very  exciting.  We recently stayed in Cumbria at a wonderful B&B
 where I had one the the best meals I have had
 in the past 15 years.( the entire time I have lived in France) 
The wine list was astonishing globally sourced, sumptuous, and adventurous. 
The French market of only French wines is getting very boring. 
French cellarmen do not stray very far afield.
Perhaps the market here believes French is best. 
C'est la vie in France which means we have limited choices.

Did you know the finest professional  wine and spirits
training and certification  in the world  is in London?
Yes even French people who can get over themselves, and also speak English, go to this school if they are serious and want a job in this industry.

So I say go to England if you want some fabulous cheese, a great meal and adventurous wines.
 Celebrate with the Great bBritish Bake Off!
Go the London for diner and the theater.
Obviously there is nothing that can compare to London's West End theater here in France.
Ok, call me a snob but I  will answer with one or two words Matilda, and War Horse.

With over 300 languages spoken in greater London the culinary diversity is dizzying.
The choices are overwhelming, and the chefs are inventive.

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