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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hair Here In Paris

Sam Levine (1904-1992) Suzanne Cloutier

Some of us obsess about it, think about constantly,  flip it, remove it, add it, curl it color it, it's all about HAIR

 I am always interested in stylish excess.   I went to the  opening of this exhibition earlier this month.   There are some interesting fetishistic multi-cultural takes on hair.
The exhibition Cheveux Chéris translated as 
The Art of Hair: Frivolities and Trophies

In the VooDoo temple that is the Musée Branly in Paris,

Victoria and Albert museum
This exhibition does not have not have enough frivolities.

It does have way to many trophies ( scalps and shrunken heads) for my taste. 
 This museum houses  more dark magical objects than all of the dark wizards  in Harry Potter, objects akin to  Horcruxes .
I feel the need for an exorcism.

A photograghic study by François Antoine Vizzavona (1876-1961) commissioned by the American painter Romain Brooks

Albert August Fourié (1854-1937)
Nu sous les Branches circa 1892
 Ophelia's tresses
Ernest Hébert (1817-1908) Ophelia 1876
Denis Pierre Puetch (1854-1942)  white marble

Saint Marie-Madeleine 1311-1313 stone

Josephine Baker by Sam Levine
My Favorite American French woman in her lacquer wig

 Emma circa 1900, A gift from André Breton to Jean-Jacques Lebel.

Brassai (1899-1984) 1924

Unknown photographer circa 1939

 Hair mourning jewelry French 19th century

From Facing Beauty by Aileen Ribeiro
A Venetian  courtesan  bleaching her hair
from National Library of Scotland

 Image the Guardian
We truss and we fuss

 To conform, get along, feel better , tease,  and please.

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