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Monday, January 21, 2013

Smokin Bébé ! The Update

Fernand Khnoff
France, Belgium 1900

Rude, selfish, and dangerous for others within breathing distance.
Caution,  here

In France the many smokers, are clueless and selfish!  Besides being about the rudest people on the planet they are also bad for your health. Walking on the streets of Paris  is full of peril,  you seriously risk exposing your lungs to air that is cigarette-saturated.
New evidence
Will they ever change?

France 2012
A billionaire philosopher has endorsed a parenting technique that allows generous time for smoking, drinking wine and having sex.  Elisabeth Badinter, a 68-year-old mother of three who is the 13th richest French citizen according to Forbes,with a reported net worth of $1.1billion. She has served as the chair of the board for PublicisGroupe since 1996.

Oh Baby

I see so many parents in cafes smoking with their babies in strollers right next to them.  Dads walking and smoking with young children, and adults smoking with kids in the car. This is common in France.

This butt's for you

France 1976

SMOKING is deeply imbedded in the French Psyche.
In Paris at least 1 out of 3 people will be smoking as they pass you by on the street.
The French work ethic

 If you walk by a school (middle school -university) or a  government office building there will be  herds of them smoking together. 

In Spain in the airports they put them in a BOX
This is a great idea then they can mutually annihilate each other.

In the UK the guardian reported  Class divide in health widens, says thinktank
King's Fund thinktank finds those with no qualifications are five times more likely to smoke, drink, and neglect diet and exercise here
Not so in France The fashion press still styles shots like this.
Here they start very young and keep on smoking!

They have kids, and keep on smoking.


 It takes that unique Gallic cluelessness  to blow toxic waste in the face of strangers or a baby with total abandon and in utter oblivion.
Sadly I have seen more than a few people with tubes up their noses dragging  their oxygen tanks with them  in my neighborhood.
As the population is aging the burden on the State  must be unbearable.

Please, France 2012
Maybe the stylist thinks it's uber-cool because it's
pas tres "politically correct"... so French.
This image is  supposedly celebrating the French Jeweler DINH VAN  
photo by Olivia da Costa, styling by Adele Samani here


Photo circa 1937
The esthetics have not evolved.