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Monday, June 13, 2011

African Queens

 Bon Marche Paris June 2011

Image World of Interiors
African wax cloths were originally inspired by Indonesian batiks which were brought back by the Dutch who where trading  in Java in the 17th century. The Europeans where able to mass-produce this type of fabric in England in Holland less expensively.  They are still manufactured  in these places to this day. African Designs, manufactured in Europe which  are retailed in Africa,  are all the rage in Paris this summer!

 Mali 1950's

Some of the African women form the former French colonies  still dress this way in Paris. Often with their babies bundled on their backs wrapped in  these beautiful fabrics. these women are inspirational, always elegant, regal, and colorful. These fabrics are showing up as summer frocks, shorts, hats, bags, with pattern upon pattern, so much fun!

Be Magazine

Hermes Paris

Pattern at the pick-nick  by Hermes Paris

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